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Color Your Life - 10 Things to know about Yellow

Blooms By Heinau7/2/2015General
Vibrant and energetic, our gorgeous yellow roses are a bright addition to any decor. Known as the ideal rose color for friendship, Blooms by Heinau yellow roses are perfect for all gift-giving occasions. Try a small hint of color to cheer up any scene or go bold with a large bouquet of rich golden blossoms.


Date: 11/23/2015
Christine Curavo
I remember each summer I made a trip to the garden store to fill my planters with new flowers for the patio. And each year, my dad came to visit and watched me put compositions together. One year, after I finished my compositions, he said he loved them but that he was bothered by something—that I never included the color yellow. That I only designed in purples, pinks and whites, and though I never noticed, it was true. I decided to make a change. I added yellow one summer, lots of yellow, and I noticed the most amazing thing. I smiled a little more. I may have even laughed. I came to learn that yellow was the color that was missing all those years. Now that my dad is gone, yellow is the main color I use—and do you know what? It's like having my dad sitting in my garden.

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