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The meaning of Pink Roses

Andreane Champagne2/10/2015General
Pink roses, like all roses, have meanings and with so many lovely shades, they give you the ability to communicate your thoughts with perfection. Whether you want to express your thanks, convey admiration, or simply share joy, the pink rose is the ideal choice! 

Pink roses are common in the wild, probably the reason they were the first roses to be cultivated by early horticulturalists. Pink roses are found in the artifacts of many ancient civilizations. The French rose (Rosa Gallica)is a lovely deep pink bloom thought to be oldest rose in existence with evidence of the plant dating to 1100 B.C. To the ancient Persians, it was a symbol of love. Confucius,in 500 B.C., described the many roses in the Imperial Gardens as well as the hundreds of books about roses in the Imperial library. The pink rose is well represented in Western art throughout history. The Victorian era raised the delicate pink rose to a new level of popularity, utilizing it in art, fabric,wallpaper, and more. 

One of the meanings attributed to the pink rose is admiration; though love, grace and refinement are also expressed it. It can symbolize blossoming affection, as well as happiness, joy, harmony and gratitude. The pink rose is also a representation of sweetness and the innocence of young love. It is believed that the gift of pink roses shows appreciation for the recipient as if to say “I appreciate your friendship” or “I adore spending time with you” making them the ideal choice for any occasion.

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