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A gorgeous mix of blue two toned limelight hydrangea, color may slightly vary, and pastel roses set in a wooden box with an accent of reindeer moss. Beautiful accent piece or a perfect long lasting gift. 6x4.5"H
A beautiful delightful mix of our long lasting hydrangea and roses set in a low glass bowl lined with preserved reindeer moss with an accent of white rice flower. A stunning decor piece. 9x2.5"
A stunning mix of shades of Red long lasting roses and hydrangea with a touch of green. This beautiful mix is set in a wooden square box. 6 3/4x4"H Great decor piece or long lasting gift.
An elegant small mercury glass cube filled with classical hydrangea and 2 roses. A pretty and chic small accent piece. 4x5.5"H
A delightful mix of two toned limelight hydrangea with soft pink, pearl and lilac roses set in a white washed wooden planter. The hydrangea color my slightly vary. Perfect centerpiece. 13.5x5.5x6.5H"
Beautiful mix of our long lasting hydrangea with a mix of red and cardinal long lasting roses set in a white linen like ceramic container. Perfect gift or decor piece.