Our 12 Months guarantee


We guarantee that our flowers are 100% natural flowers grown like any other regular perishable flowers. We also guarantee that our flowers will retain their beauty for 12 months or longer as long you:

Follow the unpacking instructions upon reception of your arrangement.
Do not water the flowers.
Do not place your Heinau arrangement under direct sunlight as the color might fade.
You may occasionally gently air-dust your arrangement.
Leave the flowers in their vase, container or boxes as they have been carefully placed there for your eyes to enjoy!

Depending on the batch and the harvest of our flowers, there will be instances where the color of the flowers will begin to show some signs of fading before the end of the first 12 months, but this will not significantly alter the look of the flowers and therefore will not automatically qualify for a partial refund or a replacement arrangement. 

If after we inspect pictures of your flowers we deem that they are just "normal wear and tear", we might not offer a proportional refund or a replacement arrangement. It will always be up to our staff's discretion to determine what is the right thing to do for our customers.