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A Look Inside Blue Roses’ Meaning

Blue may be one of the most popular colors in the world, but it is also one of the rarest shades found in flowering plants. This makes blue flowers and blue roses have special meaning - because by their very nature they are anything but common.

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Blue roses’ meaning is particularly interesting because it is a rose color that must be carefully cultivated, which communicates that extra time and consideration has gone into a blue roses flower arrangement. Also interesting about the meaning of blue roses and blue flowers in general is the fact that depending on the shade or intensity of blue, it can express a wide variety of sentiments and emotions.

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The Darker Blue Roses are Associated with Mystery and Creativity

Dark blue roses’ meaning tends to lean towards the mysterious, the unknown, or the imagination.

During the impressionist era, great painters like Monet, VanGogh, and Manet featured blue flowers like irises and lilies in their work. They and the contemporary artists that followed them would often experiment with the hues of the blossoms to create a deeper blue than nature. This has tied blue flowers and blue roses’ meaning to creativity in many senses - which would suggest a blue rose bouquet might be a perfect gift for an actress on opening night, or a writer at a book signing.

Similarly, darker colors of blue roses can be tied to dreams and thoughts. The concept is that blue in these circumstances is reminiscent of looking out a window and seeing a whole new world, much like you would in your dreams. So, for someone that’s finally taking that trip around the world, or who may be striking out on their own to start a new business, sending blue roses means you’re behind them all the way.

Ligther Blue Roses are Associated with Feelings

On the other end of the spectrum of blue, lighter shades of blue roses have meanings related to sensitive feelings and subjects.

Light blue roses and blue hydrangeas reflect calm and peacefulness, making them a welcome gift for anyone who manages a lot of stress in their lives.

Consider light blue roses’ meaning in this way when looking for a unique Mother’s Day flower arrangement, or keep blue flower arrangements in mind when giving gifts for Secretary and Personal Assistant’s Day, Boss’s Day, and for saying thank you to nurses, doctors, police, and other first responders.

An offshoot of the calming serenity of blue roses and other blue flowers is the idea of hope, and turning a corner after a difficult time. Blue roses’ meanings in situations like the death of a loved one, loss of a beloved pet, or a tough end to a relationship reminds the recipient they are not alone and that better days are just around the corner.

One of the happiest, and often easiest forgotten meaning of blue roses and blue flowers is that of weddings. Few things fulfill the ‘something borrowed, something blue’ aspect better than blue roses tucked into a bridal bouquet.

Blue roses can also be a beautiful way to show friendship and support to a bride preparing for her special day. Many brides even choose to incorporate the color into bridesmaids’ ensembles, which makes blue roses a nice choice for the bridal party, and blue hydrangea balls tied to a ribbon are excellent for flower girls.

Blue Color Roses Draw Attention

Beyond specific situations, however, blue roses’ meaning is one of fascination and wonder. The color itself has been scientifically shown to draw people in and help people focus their attention. So, if you’re looking to make a statement, blue flower arrangements are sure to be noticed.