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Classy Sixteen | 16 Roses

Classy Sixteen | 16 Roses
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Natural Roses that last a Year or Longer - 16 gorgeous long lasting Roses set in a contemporary simple black ceramic square. Great decor piece or an elegant gift. 6x6x7.5"

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The Original Natural Flowers that lasts a Year or Longer

Varied floral arrangements from many vibrant roses & hydrangea colors.

We only use 100% natural flowers so the exact actual color and size may vary.

Our flowers will absorb moisture from the air for one year or longer.

Zero maintenance required to keep the flowers looking fresh for one year or more.

Fresh flowers for 12 months or longer seal

Design your own arrangement by choosing from multiple vibrant rose colors. Please note that since these flowers are 100% natural, the actual color and size may vary slightly from the pictures on this web site.

We guarantee that the flowers will continue to absorb moisture from the air for 12 months or longer. Once the flowers lose the ability to retain their own moisture, and to absorb moisture from the air, they will gradually fade like regular untreated flowers.

If you keep the flowers away from direct sunlight and in an air conditioned area, we have experienced the flowers to last longer than 18 months. Remember there is absolutely no maintenance required. If you, or someone else, by mistake water these flowers they will not last because the petals will absorb too much moisture.

Get ready to receive comments and questions about these flowers from anyone who sees them in your home or at your office. They look even better in real life and the accolades never stops. Please note, all product are made with natural materials, so the color and size may slightly vary.

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Customer Reviews

I sent these flowers to my dear friend whose brother in New York had recently passed away. The funeral services were held in NY. Due to the Corona Virus, she was unable to attend the funeral . Because she was unable to attend the services, I sent her your flowers and she loved them! I have sent your flowers to some of my friends in the last few years and they all loved them!!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Houston, TX on 9/24/2020
Best “Get-Well” Bouquet I’ve Ever Gifted!
These flowers were perfect! I had seen ads for these “forever” flowers but hated the ugly cardboard boxes with the giant logos that they came in...I started doing my own research and stumbled across Blooms by Heinau...I was thrilled to see that they didn’t just come in a round or square cardboard box, but that they had their own unique designs that would look good on display in any home with a timeless yet modern feel! These were a gift for my mom after a hip replacement surgery, and she was over-the-moon to receive them! The beautiful hand written note explained we wanted flowers to “last longer than the pain” and they have done just that! I got to see them in person recently and they are even more beautiful than I had imagined! My mom cannot stop raving about how long they have lasted and how it brings a smile to her face every day! She loved the simple design and even commented that she’d been looking for a square vase to hold roses...now she can look at them indefinitely! Thanks for making this get-well gift a little more special!
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Reviewed by:  from Denver on 6/21/2020
so worth it
my ex fiance got these for me, but regardless of the memory they are GORGEOUS and the second of this arrangement i have in my home. the first one i got have lasted almost two years now and look good still. beautiful colors, great value, love this site!
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Reviewed by:  from usa on 9/10/2019
Beautiful gift!
These were purchased as a gift and they ended being even better than I thought. I have previously spent much more on other brands and Blooms By Heinau were absolutely a better option. The flowers were gorgeous, color was vivid and the cost is great.
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Reviewed by:  from Dallas on 7/18/2019
These were an anniversary gift. The team proactively reached out to me about shipping and offered an alternative which worked better for me, and the flowers themselves are absolutely beautiful, thank you so much!
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Reviewed by:  from Washington on 5/3/2019

Questions and Answers

Q: I would like to order SKU225 in purple. The flowers would be delivered to a Houston TX address where the weather is extremely hot- usually 95+ degrees. Will the high temperature cause any issues?

Asked by: Teresa M Nagle - 8/22/2020
A: The high temperatures is not an issue, humidity is more of a concern for the flowers since they absorb moisture, there for we do not recommend the arrangements for outside.
The long lasting flowers should be placed inside and not in direct sunlight and they will last for at least 12 month.
As far delivery, if they are left outside in the box for a day or so they will also be fine.

Hope this helps.
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Answer provided by: Heidi Intriago (8/24/2020)

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