Q: Can I purchase today for a later/specific delivery date?
A: Yes. A future delivery date can be specified under Gift Notes and Order Comments section during your check out. 
Q: I can’t process my order. I keep getting this message: ‘’Your Credit Card cannot be charged at this time - Make sure the billing matches your cc statement. Please try again later or contact us for additional assistance.‘’
A: Our system is very sensitive to credit card information.Please make sure the information you provide under “Billing Information” is exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.
Q: Can I buy only the flowers?
A: No. Blooms by Heinau only sells fully assembled arrangements.
Q: Which arrangements are guaranteed for at least 12 months?
A: All Blooms By Heinau arrangements are guaranteed to last a minimum of 12 months.
Q: Do you sell other types of flowers than roses and hydrangeas?
A: No. We only sell rose and hydrangea arrangements. The preservation process can only be handled by certain types of flowers.
Q: How long does it take to ship?
A: To get the shipping time and rates, you need to enter the arrangement you are looking to purchase in the cart and enter your zip code. Our system will give you the various rates and shipping methods available for the area and you can refer to our shipping map for transit times.
Q: Once I place my order how long is the lead time?
A: We typically process the orders within 24 hours, except for Holidays and weekends.
Q: Does it come with care instructions?
A: Yes. All our arrangements come with care and unpacking instructions. The card is always sitting on top of the arrangement and is the first thing people will see when opening the box.
Q: Can I send you a vase I have?
The packing process is very complex and not all vases, once filled with flowers, can be properly packed and shipped. You can send us a picture by email to sales@bloomsbyheinau.com with the inner dimensions, and we will be glad to evaluate the vase.
Q: Can you mix red and white roses?
A: We can not mix any dark colored roses with white due to the fact that the roses absorb moisture from the air and the darker color will ”bleed” on to the light roses.
Q: I have a special custom request for a flower arrangement. Can you do it?
A: We can produce custom arrangements, but only if they are to be delivered in the greater Miami area. The arrangements we have on our site can be shipped across the country.
Q: The FedEx site shows the package was delivered, but the recipient said they did not receive it.
A: Please contact our Customer Service at 786-594-0437.
Q:Is a signature required to receive the package?
A: No. We don’t offer that option. It’s a regular FedEx delivery.