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What Does a Green Rose Mean?

While uncommon and rarely seen in nature, green roses are undeniably appealing due to their unusual hue as well as the many things a green rose stands for.

Natural green roses tend to be lighter shades like lime green roses, mint green roses, or the popular bright yellowish green Chartreuse rose. These blooms, because they are reminiscent of springtime, symbolize life, abundance, and regeneration. This gives the green rose meaning when given as a get-well-soon gift, as it means you have every belief the person will be enjoying a vibrant lifestyle again soon.

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Green roses can also represent congratulations for someone who has experienced good fortune - like an abundance of money from winning a lottery scratcher, or even as a housewarming gift for someone making the first transition to the abundance of space offered when going from an apartment to a house.

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Because of this meaning, some people even choose to keep green roses in their homes as a way to attract luck - in the hopes that positive things will happen in the future.

Lighter shades of a green rose stands for other things too - like peace, balance, and stability. This is due to its connection to the greens of nature, and a reminder that there is a natural order to things.

Many people find green roses bring a sense of calm to a space, and so enjoy small arrangements suitable for a bedside table or for spots like a reading room or yoga studio. The relaxing effect of these flowers also makes them a welcome pick-me-up for someone going through an unusually difficult or stressful time.

For anyone who loves nature or being outdoors, a green rose means simplicity and unembellished beauty. Maybe there’s a gardener in your life you’d like to give a thinking-of-you gift. Or, perhaps you’ve got an avid golfer or tennis player in the family and you need a unique way to present some new balls or tickets to an upcoming tournament event. Looking for something special to say thank you to a dog walker or pet sitter, green roses can do the trick.

Of course, when speaking about the color green, it’s impossible to ignore those who would say the meaning of a green rose must be jealousy. While it’s true the phrase says jealousy is a green-eyed monster, this is far less true when it comes to flowers like green roses. In fact, deep emerald-hued roses are creative and enticing ways to celebrate holidays like St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas, and nearly any shade of green roses looks beautiful on Easter - especially when nestled amongst other pastel blooms.

If you’re looking for a new way to decorate for such occasions, green roses might be an exciting visual avenue to explore.

Green roses are turning up more often these days in a number of weddings. Contemporary brides are leaning towards more neutral color palettes rather than a sea of pastels, and the freshness of green brings a hint of color without making anyone feel the need to wear coordinating shades. White roses and green roses together in a bouquet with other greenery can be quite stunning, and as centerpieces, green roses give off an air of happiness and cheer that’s just right for wedding celebrations.

What’s most important to keep in mind about these flowers when asking “What does a green rose mean?” is that they are truly unique. Some people may never have seen a green rose before and so giving green roses as a gift can be thrilling and surprising. In your own home, you can expect green roses to definitely get a reaction from visitors and guests. Regardless of whether you keep them for yourself or give them away to others, green roses are sure to be remembered.