Our Blooms

When the blossoms are cut at the farm at their quality peak, the water and sap in the plant cells are replaced by our proprietary certified non-toxic moisturizer, leaving the petals as soft and supple as they were before harvest. Each preserved flower will continue to absorb moisture from the air, prolonging it’s beauty for at least 12 months without any watering, wilting, or fading. We only use natural ingredients that are safe, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

Our products and designs are simple yet unique and elegant. Our goal is to complement any style and design without the fuss or expense of fresh cut bouquets.

Blooms by Heinau has been featured on the Today Show twice and in home design, and gift-giving media for their lasting beauty and convenience.

Care, Maintenance & Handling

  • Follow the unpacking instructions upon reception of your arrangement.
  • Do not water the flowers.
  • Do not place your Heinau arrangement under direct sunlight as the color might fade.
  • You may occasionally gently dust your arrangement.
  • Leave the flowers in their vase, container or boxes as they have been carefully placed there for your eyes to enjoy!