What exactly is the meaning of color roses like purple, red, pink, white, yellow, orange, blue, and green roses? We have created a summary for you to read down below but check out every page to find more details about the meaning of color roses for each individual rose color.

There is great diversity in colors and their associations between cultures and even within the same culture in different time periods. The same hues or colors may have very other associations within the same culture at any time. Diversity in color symbolism occurs because color symbolism occurs on an individual, cultural, and universal basis.

Color symbolism is also context-dependent and influenced by changes over time. Symbolic representations of religious concepts or articles may include a specific color with which the concept or object is associated.

Purple Roses

Purple roses

Purple rose and purple flowers, in general, symbolize royalty, success, achievement, or high honor. 

So, a purple rose arrangement would make an excellent gift or floral gift for:

  • an elected official
  • a boss
  • a company president
  • congratulate a couple on their 25th wedding anniversary
  • anyone you wish to show respect and honor.

There is also a more profound meaning to purple flowers; for many, they are associated with:

  • wisdom
  • mystic discovery
  • inner journeys

For others, purple roses may reflect a deep passion or mature romance. Lighter shades of purple flowers often signify springtime, as this is when most purple flowers like violets, lilies, and purple hydrangea are naturally in bloom.

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Red Roses

Red Roses

Red roses are still, to this day, a universal symbol of love. However, like there are many degrees, types, and depths of love, the significance of a red rose can have subtle additional meanings depending on the number of roses, its unique shade, and how it is presented.

  • as a single stem, the meaning of a red rose can symbolize an unchanging or everlasting true love
  • the meaning of a bouquet of red roses that are bright, vivid, classic red speak of passion and desire
  • 12 red roses in a box communicate a desire to commit or declare the exclusivity of a relationship
  • 24 red roses meaning’ symbolism is meant to say “I think of you 24 hours a day.”
  • burgundy and other deep-red roses can express a love that is moving away from power and instead is deepening into something much more meaningful

For many people, red roses symbolize their favorite color and the desire to be bold, daring, and stand out in a crowd. This makes red roses a perfect gift to give oneself or add to their home or work decor as a vivid pop of color that’s sure to get noticed.

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Pink Roses

Pink Roses

Pink rose arrangements are among the most popular in the world - second only to red. And are a classic symbol of grace, elegance, and perfection. These beautiful flowers are often given as a symbol of admiration and appreciation. 

Over time, other colors of roses were hybridized with pink roses, and multiple shades of pink rose were also created. With this came different definitions for what a pink rose represents:

  • Pale pink roses meaning is associated with admiration or a love that has not yet proceeded to the crimson red of passion.
  • Bright fuchsia pink rose can mean appreciation and gratitude, making a bouquet of pink roses an excellent Thank You gift. For weddings and celebrations.
  • Light pink and white rose signify the ideas of happiness and joy, along with the purity of intention symbolized by white flowers.
  • Dark pink roses given as an expression of thanks can also include feelings of admiration and gratefulness.

Whether they're for your best friend, your fiancee, or a friend at work, a pink rose bouquet will evoke brightness and happiness for the recipient of your gift.

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White Roses

White Roses

White roses symbolize

  • elegance
  • fidelity
  • faithfulness
  • purity
  • innocence. 

Also, white roses communicate the concept of "forever." So they definitely fit for wedding celebrations; even white flower arrangements are thoughtful ways to honor the passing of a loved one. 

In Victorian times, the meaning of white roses was slightly different. While white flower arrangements could mean innocence and honesty of intention, it was also common that white flowers meant the loss of interest and passion.

Over time, this meaning of quieting of passion evolved to be part of accepted relationship dynamics, and white roses and white hydrangeas, in particular, became the symbolic gift for four-year anniversaries.

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Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses and yellow flowers, in general, in Western cultures symbolize friendship, optimism, and joy. But oddly enough, they were associated with negative feelings like jealousy, the end of a relationship, and even infidelity in the past. Also, in Japan, yellow roses symbolize courage and inner strength. 

What is particularly special about yellow rose flower arrangements is that they give beauty and formality to the many occasions that are perfect for yellow flowers:

  • birthdays
  • congratulate a couple on a new baby
  • get well soon
  • thinking of you

What is particular about the meaning of yellow flowers is that yellow roses are meant to be noticed. They get attention in even the dullest environments, making them a top choice for resorts, hotels, and large gathering spaces where people do not want the floral decor to fade into the background.

The meaning behind yellow roses makes them appropriate to give in many situations.

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Orange Roses

Orange Roses

There is no denying that orange rose arrangements are captivating. Their bright, vivid hue catches the attention of anyone nearby, and the energizing quality of orange brings excitement to any occasion.

Orange roses can express feelings like:

  • fascination
  • admiration
  • strength
  • love

One of the lesser-known meanings of orange roses is actually an extension of pride - the wish for someone not to give up or persevere. This is also tied to orange roses’ meaning of energy and strength but can easily be adapted to say, “I believe in you. Keep going. You’ll get there.”

The broad range of pink roses’ meaning also means they’re suitable to give anyone without worrying that the gift would be misconstrued as a romantic gesture or anything other than a gesture of grace and beauty.

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Blue Roses

Blue Roses

Blue roses are fascinating, and their meaning depends on the shade or intensity of the blue pigment. So, the blue rose can express a wide variety of sentiments and emotions. 

Dark blue roses can mean 

  • mystery
  • creativity

Light blue roses are associated with feelings that reflect 

  • calm
  • peacefulness
  • hope
  • friendship. 

Still, they are not tied to the feelings you experience when you fall in love or have a romantic interest in someone.

The color itself has been scientifically shown to draw people in and help people focus their attention. So, if you’re looking to make a statement, blue flower arrangements are sure to be noticed.

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Green Roses

Green Roses

What's important to keep in mind about these flowers when asking, “What does a green rose to mean?” is that they are truly unique.

Green roses symbolize:

  • life
  • abundance
  • calm
  • regeneration
  • simplicity and unembellished beauty

Lighter shades of green roses stand for peace, balance, and stability. This is due to its connection to nature's greens and a reminder that there is a natural order to things.

Some people may never have seen a green rose before and so giving green roses as a gift can be thrilling and surprising.

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