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A gorgeous mix of blue two toned limelight hydrangea, color may slightly vary, and pastel roses set in a wooden box with an accent of reindeer moss. Beautiful accent piece or a perfect long lasting gift. 6x4.5"H
Elegant black low rectangular ceramic container filled with our long lasting stunning roses. 12x4x3.75H". Will make a pretty centerpiece.
A delightful mix of two toned limelight hydrangea with soft pink, pearl and lilac roses set in a white washed wooden planter. The hydrangea color my slightly vary. Perfect centerpiece. 13.5x5.5x6.5H"
16 Gorgeous long lasting roses set in a etched square silver ceramic container. Elegant classical accent piece. 6x5.5'H
One single carefully selected long lasting rose of your choice, set in a small glass votive. The perfect gift for someone special. 2.5x2"H
This simple modern 3" black glass cube is filled with 4 long lasting roses. Pretty small accent piece and a great long lasting gift. 3x4.5"H
Simply and elegant. This low white ceramic container is filled with 9 long lasting roses. 5x3.5"H. Beautiful accent piece and the perfect gift.
A beautiful delightful mix of our long lasting hydrangea and roses set in a low glass bowl lined with preserved reindeer moss with an accent of white rice flower. A stunning decor piece. 9x2.5"
A stunning mix of shades of Red long lasting roses and hydrangea with a touch of green. This beautiful mix is set in a wooden square box. 6 3/4x4"H Great decor piece or long lasting gift.
Beautiful mix of our long lasting hydrangea with a mix of red and cardinal long lasting roses set in a white linen like ceramic container. Perfect gift or decor piece.
This beautiful dramatic vivid combination of our long lasting roses is set in a low ceramic container. Great center or accent piece for you autumn decor. 8x8x4"
16 gorgeous long lasting Roses set in a contemporary simple black ceramic square. Great decor piece or an elegant gift. 6x6x7.5"
Classical tapered aluminum pot filled with our long lasting roses. A great accent piece or nice gift to impress. 5.5x6"H
This luxury Heinau box is filled with our long-lasting roses, it is made with high end black and white striped fabric and has a black satin ribbon detail. An elegant signature gift for someone special! 8x6.25"H
We have created our bestselling Signature dome, which contains between 80-90 roses depending om rose size, with a stunning pastel mix. Great long lasting appreciation or anniversary gift for that special someone. 11x11x13"
Modern marble look cube filled with 4 beautiful long lasting roses. The perfect gift and accent piece to add a splash of color of your choice. 3x4.5"
Modern marble look cylinder filled with a mix of our beautiful long lasting pastel roses. Great decor piece that will add a nice hint of color to your decor. 4x5.5"
Small elegant mirrored glass cylinder filled with our long lasting hydrangea. Pretty small accent piece.5"
Natural wooden box filled with our long lasting beautiful roses. Great decor piece! Very versatile. 7x7x5"
Our exclusive luxury Heinau box is made with elegant dark grey fabric and a silver ribbon and filled with a beautiful mix of blue and white roses. Perfect gift. 8x6.25"H
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