No watering = EASY!

''Since we travel quite a bit, regular plants don't survive well. I love that we have the look of fresh flowers for a full 6+ months. This particular arrangement seems smaller than my last choice (square box of 9 roses) but just as beautiful.''


Thank You!

''I am very pleased with the BLOOMS experience. The flowers are unlike anything else I have come across. Real and long lasting. Perhaps just as important, I had a very pleasant customer service experience. I planned to pay extra for expedited shipping, placed my order, and shortly thereafter received a phone call form an associate who wanted to save me money under a different - and faster - shipping option. So kind!''



''Absolutely beautiful flowers - worth every penny. Shipping is way fast so make sure you take that into account when trying to time it to arrive. Beats regular flowers any day of the week!''


Gorgeous Gift!

''I purchased for my mom as a birthday gift. She not only bragged about the how beautiful the flower arrangement was but also how well it was packaged. Thank you!''


Not just flowers, a piece of Art.

''My nephews future bride was thrilled to open the box and find the beautiful heart. She really felt special, which was the plan. Thank you. So far All the flowers have been high quality.''

Element vase with HydreangeasElement--Basil.jpg

''I have the blue hydrangeas in the "element" containers. Gorgeous! The perfect "pop" in my foyer for Spring. Thank you for making it possible and so easy, exactly what I had in mind. Your customer service is outstanding. I'll be back....''

These are only a few samples of the hundreds of reviews received by our clients. To view more, simply visit our Shop page.