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The meaning of red roses

The meaning of red roses

Blooms By Heinau2/24/2015General
“The rose is a flower of love. The world has acclaimed it for centuries…the red roses, ah the red roses are for love triumphant.” Shinichi Suzuki 

Though artists have longed to capture the sheer beauty of the red rose in their works and poets have endeavored to describe its splendor with flowery words; none have triumphed in their efforts to portray the red roses’ ethereal essence and magnificence.

The lore of the red rose begins in ancient Greek and Roman mythology with its symbolic union with Aphrodite (Venus) the goddess of love. Later, it is said that Queen Cleopatra had red roses strewn about her bed chamber floor to welcome her lover, Marc Antony. The language of the flowers, which finds its roots in Ottoman Turkey, became a method of covert communication among lovers in the 1700s who felt the need to hide their feelings from society. It was during this time that the red rose became the symbol of true love which has the ability to overcome obstacles remain everlasting. The red rose truly is the representation of legendary romantic, triumphant and abiding love. 

Since the 18th Century, the imagery and meaning of the red rose continues unbroken. It is a symbol of deep love, passion, desire, courage and power. The red rose portrays perpetual romance, a love that is passionate, always growing in its strength, yet still fresh as the day it blossomed. 

Today, a typical ‘I love you’ bouquet is a dozen red roses, harkening back to the mystical symbolism of the number 12 throughout history, an image of a perfection, harmony and completeness. A single red rosebud has its own unique meaning and is representative of fresh, innocent, young love. It is the image of honesty, purity and loveliness, much like the red rose itself.

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