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The Strategist New York On The Most Perfect Gift Under $104

Here at the Strategist, we spend a lot of time chatting with folks known for having a personal taste so finely tuned that it has often become synonymous with their public personae. Whether they are cool peopleexperts in their fields, or bona fide celebrities, these individuals are recognized for their shared obsession over details. In talking to people like this day in and day out, we hear over and over how their obsessiveness informs what they buy for themselves. But what do people with such strong opinions get the people they love, whose taste might differ from theirs?

To find out, we asked 130 people whom we think have particular, exacting, and exceptional taste about the gifts they’re most excited to give someone else, setting a budget of $100 (which, of course, one or two of them exceeded — but no one by more than $4). Their suggestions really do include something for every taste and should go a long way toward checking off any still-unchecked-off people on your list. (And if for whatever reason they do not, we have hundreds of more gift ideas right here.)

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