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What Do Roses Symbolize in today’s world?

They are beautiful. They are charming. They can steal anyone's heart. But what do roses truly represent and what do the colors of roses stand for?

We`ll talk about this in today's blog post so if you're someone who wondered or thought at least once about these questions, you're in the right place.

Your questions are about to be answered as it's always handy and good to know what roses represent and most of all - what their color means.

You wouldn't want to give white roses when yellow ones were more appropriate, right?

Or pink roses when red ones would have been the choice for that particular event/person.

These are small mistakes that people make and even though small they can ruin everything, isn't it?

So in order to prevent that from happening to you, read on. No more mistakes like this from now. And since we’re at it, you might also want to check out our collection of roses that last a year.

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As such, let's go back to the very beginning…

What do roses represent?

Once upon a time….there was a rose.

And this rose was considered to be a timeless flower for it had every trait needed to be the symbol of the most powerful human emotions.

Love, passion and admiration, to name but a few, roses are the perfect way to express our strongest feelings and desires.

Roses have been sought after for millennia and have a rich cultural history. Their cultivation most likely began about 5,000 years ago in Asia.

In the days of the Roman Empire, emperors used to spoil their guests with rose petals during lavish dinners. Roses can also mean secrecy or confidentiality. The term “sub rosa”, meaning “under the rose”, comes from ancient times when Romans would hang roses from the ceilings of banquet halls and it was understood that anything said and done under the influence of wine was to remain confidential.

The rose also became the symbol of the civil wars that took place in the 15th century in England. The House of Lancaster took the symbol of a red rose, while the House of York chose a white rose.

In Ancient Egypt, roses were also cherished and petals have been discovered in many tombs. Paintings of roses were even discovered in the tomb of the pharaoh Thutmose IV, a ruler of the 18th dynasty.

How many different colored roses are there?

While you may think a classic red rose is perfect for your first date, a different color may actually convey your feelings better. There are at least 8 shades of roses, each with their own meaning.

What does the color of roses symbolize?

Red roses...

They’re one of the most popular colors of roses, and yet, the symbolism of red roses goes much deeper than most of us realize. On the surface, the meaning of a red rose reflects feelings like the ones you experience when in love. However, like there are many degrees, types, and depths of love, a red rose's significance can have subtle additional meanings depending on its unique shade and how it is presented.

Yellow roses...

Yellow roses of all kinds have long been popular because of their bright, cheerful color. This holds yellow sunflowers, yellow roses, yellow hydrangeas, yellow daisies, and yellow flower arrangements.

Deep yellow hues can also be interpreted as gold - so if someone were to make a remarkable achievement - such as a promotion at work or winning an important contest, yellow rose flower arrangements would be an excellent way to extend your good wishes.

Orange roses...

There is no denying that orange rose arrangements are captivating. Their bright, vivid hue catches the attention of anyone nearby, and the energizing quality of orange brings excitement to any occasion. But orange roses’ meanings are usually little-known secrets. Orange roses and orange flowers are terrific ways to say you care and express several different sentiments other colors cannot.

Pink roses...

Pink roses can convey joy or a sense of happiness that is soft, welcoming, or comforting.

A fascinating fact about these roses is that in ancient Hebrew texts, it is written that pink roses are the only flowers permitted inside the walls of the city of Jerusalem, largely because they were the only roses of the time. Their spiraling petals represented a journey towards perfection.

Also, there were roses of different colors in the past, and pink roses’ symbolism throughout the world often reflected a desire to give the most beautiful flower in nature, a gift that is selfless and pure… yet sure to be noticed.

White roses...

Most commonly, white roses’ meaning is connected to purity and innocence, which has made the blooms a long-time favorite for those wishing to express the very truest of true love. For this reason, white roses as part of bridal rose bouquets are almost a given.

Purple roses...

Purple roses are associated with royalty or dignified people and events. Centuries ago, purple flowers' rarity in nature meant that purple dyes and pigments were exceptionally prized and expensive. For this reason, purple wedding flowers are a popular year-round choice, as it signifies that the happy couple should be treated like royalty on their special day. In recent years, purple roses’ meaning has expanded somewhat to include recognition of success, achievement, or high honor.

Blue roses...

Blue roses may be one of the most popular colors globally, but it is also one of the rarest shades found in flowering plants. The darker colors of blue roses can be tied to dreams and thoughts. On the other end of the spectrum of blue, lighter shades of blue roses have meanings related to sensitive feelings and subjects. Light blue roses and blue hydrangeas reflect calm and peacefulness, making them a welcome gift for anyone who manages a lot of stress in their lives.

Green roses...

Natural green roses tend to be lighter shades like lime green, mint green, or the popular bright yellowish-green Chartreuse. For anyone who loves nature or being outdoors, a green rose means simplicity and unembellished beauty. Green roses can represent congratulations for someone who has experienced good fortune - like an abundance of money from winning a lottery scratcher, or even as a housewarming gift for someone making the first transition to the plenty of space offered when going from an apartment to a house.

What color roses to send for different situations.

Roses that last a year

When it comes to love, a red rose is the universal symbol of it. Red roses are very popular flowers for Valentine’s day.

However, because of the increased demand, rose prices go up dramatically around this time, and you may be getting lower-quality roses. Additionally, they are somewhat of Valentine’s day cliche, which may come across as unoriginal. So unless you know your significant other has their heart set on red roses, consider another flower for this holiday and save red roses for another (romantic) time.

Because of its associations with purity, spirituality, and new beginnings, the white rose is an appropriate funeral flower.

However, it’s also a common wedding flower due to its association with marriage and deep love. Cream roses are considered particularly bridal.

The yellow rose is an excellent congratulatory rose for a happy occasion. A new baby or an engagement are great reasons to send someone yellow roses. You might also send them to thank a friend for their support or help.

Pink roses are very versatile. They can convey either a romantic or platonic message. Pale pink roses are a good choice for the beginning of a romance, when red roses may come off somewhat strongly. You can also send pink roses to a friend to congratulate or cheer them.

Deeper pink roses are especially well-suited as a thank you gift. Pink roses are also appropriate for a girl or young woman, especially to convey congratulations or to commemorate a milestone.

Orange roses convey a meaning that is primarily romantic in nature. Thus, they are best for romantic occasions. They can be a slightly unusual but appropriate choice for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

Purple roses are also very romantic and best for romantic occasions. Purple roses are an especially good choice for someone with a spiritual or mystical side. They also look beautiful in combination with red, pink, or burgundy roses.

Green roses are appropriate for any spiritual occasion, like a baptism or confirmation.

As a symbol of peace, they also make an appropriate funeral flower.

Because they are a symbol of fertility, they would also be a good choice for new parents. Pale green and white roses together would make an especially striking and appropriate combination for such an event.

Blue roses are not associated with many occasions, likely because they aren’t found in nature and must be artificially colored. However, with their enigmatic message, they could be used to send a message from a secret admirer.

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