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What We Do

Color your life with our flowers that last and stimulates your senses with vibrant beauty & elegance day after day. With roses and hydrangea that over a year from Blooms by Heinau you still have the dramatic impact of fresh flowers on Day One, but now you have exactly the same impact for over a year.

How It Works

Our 100% natural fresh-cut long-lasting flowers come straight from our blossoming farms, cut at the peak of their quality with beautification by the water and sap in the plant cells and moisturized to sustain soft petals just as supple and beautiful as they were before harvest. These long lasting flowers will care for themselves.

What You Get

You can choose from dozens of different styles and colors of our longest lasting flower arrangements made to order with environmentally friendly all-natural ingredients. The Flowers, including our real roses and hydrangea that last for a year or longer, are shipped to all 50 states in artisan quality vases. Prices starting at $19.95.


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Flowers That Last a Year

Heinau's flowers that last a year are 100% natural flowers specially treated to maintain their beauty and fresh look without extra care or maintenance for at least 12 months.

100% Natural Flowers

Guaranteed to Last

Zero Maintenance

$125+ Free Shipping

Prices From $19.95

20+ Flowers Colors

70 Vase Styles

Ships to 50 States

Roses That Last a Year

Specially treated roses that last over a year maintaining their beauty and fresh look without extra care or maintenance.

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  • Second time I»ve sent this arrangement and it»s a game-changer! FABULOUS!
    5 Stars
  • A must have for any and all rooms!! I have been ordering from Blooms for years now and I am never disappointed.. This arrangement is so farmhouse and rustic looking with a touch of elegance.. Perfect accent to any room.. Go ahead a get several Bc once you open it you will find it»s a perfect touch to every room…
    5 Stars
  • Came on Time and the packaged it arrived in was great, they take pride in their work and so they protect the flowers for shipping very well. Flowers was a big Hit and they will continue to be a Big Hit for about a year and a half! (still wont save me from buying more flowers for my wife but lots of kudos)
    5 Stars
  • I»m so happy with my order, perfectly beautiful. It is very delicate bouquet of roses that looks beautiful close to the photo of my dear daughter. I recommend this seller 100%. Very soon I»ll order another item!
    5 Stars
  • I just offered this piece to a friend of mine that host my family during the holidays and she is not only pleased but amazed by her roses. Great product!
    5 Stars
  • I purchased this as a gift for my sister-in-law. She sent me a photo (because I had no idea what they would turn out like) and they were absolutely GORGEOUS! She absolutely loves the roses and the cube they came in. I love that there are so many colors to choose from, and the quality is great. The price point is also very fair. I will definitely be purchasing from Blooms by Heinau again!
    5 Stars
  • My wife and I are very pleased with both arrangements; we will order another one in the near future. Early in the month of June I will be ordering a special arrangement for my office.
    5 Stars

Made To Order Flowers Arrangements

Customize your flowers arrangements by first choosing one of more than 70 different unique vase/styles before picking your favorite color of long-lasting roses or hydrangea. 20 exquisite color options. Prices start from $19.95

Natural Roses That Last For Years

Enjoy or gift roses that last a year or longer. 100% natural fresh-cut and treated with a natural proprietary and patented moisturizer that will leave the roses as subtle and beautiful as they were before harvest. Prices start from $19.95

Real Hydrangea That Last For Years

Our hydrangea arrangements are made with 100% natural hydrangea that after being harvested at its peak was treated with a non-toxic moisturizer to keep the petals subtle an beautiful for years to come.

Beautiful presentation and packaging - the single rose is exquisitely done! My mother loved her special gift, thank you very much for sending on time!
5 Stars

Hydrangea and Rose Arrangements

Natural mixed roses, hydrangea and reindeer moss flowers arrangements set in a variety of carefully procured containers. We only use natural ingredients that are safe, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.

The Original Rose Flower Box

The very popular 12 months roses also come in our exclusive high-quality hat boxes made of fabric with a silver satin ribbon attached to it. Each box is delivered with our care instructions and an optional handwritten gift note.

Elegant Keepsake Roses

Choose from more than 20 different rose colors. All our rose keepsakes are delivered in an elegant silver gift box with care instructions. We will also handwrite your personal message on a beautiful envelope card. Prices start from $19.95